TECDOC 02.2006 question & workshop info please...

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Сообщение Merlinjo » Вт сен 05, 2006 10:26 am

Sorry for writing in english but I don't speak russian at all (maybe read a bit)
I am from croatia and I have a few questions if you folks are willing to help me.

I have a TecDoc 02.2006 and have solved the date issue and now it works, but I would like to activate technical data & manuals, can't seem to find a way to do this...It gives me some "PC-code" and asks for activation code....can you help? I woud rather prefeer to have technical data than parts catalog :)

Another question is about Workshop...I do not have it because I cannot seem to find a cracked version anywhere but I heard it is very good even better than Autodata..is that true?
does anyone have a link to Workshop (english) so I can try to download?

thanx in advance
greetings to all from Croatia!

Добавлено спустя 4 дня 22 часа 21 минуту 59 секунд:

solved the TECDOC problem....very easy....
still question...where can I find Vivid Workshop to download???
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