asics specifically to fight killer in the chest

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Shells are fried alive, this is the one you seem to have the skin into metal, this is the first of several re-mens in the end

Drink, no wonder the sound of loud explosions just the original explosion here, and wow! Dead! Many people died

Lai cloth per watt hand finally pulled up.

In view of this scene, Lai cloth loud shriek, and a hundred-watt Earthquake and the whole body, that he was late.

Stop him, you rely on cloth

Heard the sound of that super-killer and exit the partially collapsed house, a hundred-watt hack saw immediately call up.

Lai cloth you that killer step by step, his face expressionless as they come, not a hundred watts See Lai cloth hands, aghast under the look, that it depends on fabric staring killer, actually in a trance.

Who are you I know you I used to know you will! Hello Lianshu Lai cloth excited Road, he saw the killer, out of mind and a vast snow, snow everywhere, this scenario often dream of their own, in front of their own must be met before the amnesia.

Lai cloth, quickly kill him a hundred-watt hear surprise, the sound has changed, the key moment, with that killer actually Lai Tao Jiaoqing cloth, which had won!

No, I had some understanding of him, you tell me who in the end, I rely on cloth who not only did not listen, but also jumped up before the meet Asics Gel Kinsei 2, the eyes full of desire.


Lai Tao Jiaoqing cloth is like, but she did not dump dump him unceremoniously to see him is welcome punch before, only played badly Lai added soon inverted cloth and back.

Why did you hit the chest was heavily hit, touch depend on slamming Daodie ground cloth, mouth overflow with blood, so many days, he was the first blow was vomiting blood.

Drink, but also to play

That killer can not rely on cloth so much nonsense, strike succeeded, sideways to open play, start with relentless, Lai cloth Zuoshan You avoid, body again and again by the blow, and finally angry, he let go of speed and open play.

Bumper repeatedly to the skill of a hundred-watt two fundamental aobu ng figure, I saw a yellow and white two-dynasty group, rolling around, Haide hundred watts without a trace of fat face, redness of the skin, which in the end what is the speed

Two similar power, speed Women’s Asics Shoes, and rely on that cloth was a super killer Wensheng several levels, but the body , he was not as good as each other Onitsuka Tiger Rotation 77, fists high speed is difficult to see upon him, he seemed did not respond like. But if the blow falls on opponents who rely on cloth, fabric will be played depends hematemesis Daodie.

Lai cloth, to concentrate on a point of attacking him actually be able to see depends on cloth stopped him, Leba Luo mental earthquake, the ground a large hole through the loudspeaker bellowed.

Unfortunately, Leba Luo Lai cloth did not understand what to say, or the East beat the West kicked punch, multi-point attack, power seriously diminished.

Idiot! You only hit his chest, other parts do not fight! Hear Leba Luo worry, the simply clearly point out that chest. He knew the master of Mount Caramel deal with titanium armor, as long as a site specializing in, a long time to hit in the Ti a gap on a Cloth, reproduce flesh and blood, although it did not know this guy in the end is not titanium a Cloth, Cloth with titanium armor, at least like, should be able to take this point tactics.
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