asics heavy hitting twenty to mind

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Sound too busy bumper ear pick, heavy hitting twenty to mind, the killer has finally started chest titanium skin color, eat a ten-punch after the flesh had been illusory, was finally crushed titanium success depends on fabric skin.

Muffled bang, Lai cloth in meter altitude in the killer blow to hit the ground, issued a bang. Lai cloth fell from the sky Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66, lying on the floor straight deep breaths, and he also painful, was hit five or six killer record, who are charged with internal injuries.

God bless, and finally succeeded a hundred watts have seen some of the side was paralyzed, they hop is ten meters high, too fast can not keep up with the eyeball, which is also called the fight you

You wake up! Wake up! I had some knowledge to you, you tell me, Who I am in the end depends on fabric breath, staggered into the killer side, Meng Yao Road. Mouth hanging killer has faint blood, chest depression sake of terror is a few broken ribs, badly injured, metallic body is also slowly restored to the flesh.

Lai cloth he passed out, barking. Dragging a hundred-watt be looking hard, they came to some of the steps become soft side.

No, I must know him before. Lai cloth hurry.

Do not call, maybe you used to know him, but he certainly is your enemy, maybe you is that he has caused loss of memory. Hundred-watt brains turn quickly, he does not need a recovery of memory depends on cloth.

Why Lai cloth puzzled Road.

You see how many people he killed people here all you see is a man he killed, how could such a person a good person Points per tile body of mess everywhere, coaxing like Road.

Seems to be some reason. Lai looked looked looked a cloth, dubious Road. The cause of the explosion Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Deluxe, the body is affected body parts have become meat, and some were also burned, issued a sharp burning smell, it is a terrorist.

Lai cloth, you did good

Then proceed to the next Leba Luo led the Chamber of Secrets came out from the ground, a wave, there are two men carried away the wounded unconscious killer.

Who are you Fabric Leba Luo Lai looked surprised Road.

I am your uncle’s good friend a hundred watts, specifically Zhuahuai Ren’s. Leba Luo smiled.

So, was he really the big bad guy suddenly said Lai cloth.

Ah! Is a very big bad guy, Lai cloth you today to resolve the bad guys, you are a big hero. Yes, you did not do it Lai cloth per watt pat on the shoulder, heavy nod laughs.

However, I feel like I know him. Lai cloth frowned.

You can ask your boss that he must know he is wicked. Words per tile to divert the attention of the cloth depends.

Yes, I remember I was looking for the boss, I go, depends on the way to ask the boss with a yellow cloth Yanba shadow disappeared like a gust of wind in place.
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